Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chenelle Orang Sabah?!!

Chenelle - I Fell In Love with The DJ.

Ini lagi satu berita tentang artis yang I ketinggalan.. nasiblah I terbaca di Utusan Online tentang rakyat Malaysia yang berjaya di luar negara. Rupanya penyanyi lagu ngetop I fell in love with the DJ tu orang Malaysia? Sudahla begitu, orang Sabah pulak tu! Hei hei hei...Memang hebat2 orang Sabah ni..!

Che’Nelle is a young R&B soul, reggae singer/songwriter, producer signed to Virgin Records America. She was born on March 10, 1983 as Cheryline Lim in Sabah, Malaysia to a Chinese Malaysian father and Indian-Dutch mother. Raised in Perth, Western Australia. Her father ran a karaoke lounge, where Che'nelle began singing as a toddler. She has played in bands and written her own music for years but it was American music veteran Charles Dixon, who discovered her music on myspace. Dixon took her material to Virgin Records and flew Che'nelle business class to Los Angeles at the end of last year to meet with the label. Within two days she had signed the deal and was being marketed as a world artist. Che'nelle worked as a promotions assistant before moving to New York in January after signing a six-album deal with Virgin Records America, the same label as Lenny Kravitz, Janet Jackson and Ben Harper. In Australia, she is represented by EMI. She also shares the same management team as Kanye West, performing as the opening act on his Australian tour in March 2006. Che'nelle collaborated with UK based music producer Menon Dave (aka Schizo) on a track for her forthcoming album. The two had also been collaborating on a number of projects prior to Che'nelle's deal with Virgin Records. Che'nelle, studied music at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Her song, "Teach Me How To Dance" was featured in the movie Take The Lead Her debut album "Things Happen For A Reason" is due out on August 28.


Anonymous said...

Tahniah kepada anak sabah, begitu lah kalau ada peluang kan. Saya masih ingat masa majlis perkahwinan cikgu windi di Bukit Bendira, Pirasan Suok. Bila tiba masa berkaraoke, fuh! dengan kakak2nya, ipar2nya dari Telaga bukan main hebat lagi. Tak payah panggil artis luar, artis dalaman pun sudah gempak. Sabah boleh juga bah!

windi said...

waaaaa.... sapa ni ah....

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