Saturday, November 29, 2014

What a life!

OMG! its been a year since my last post. Why all of sudden I reunited with my full of spider web blog? Because I am so stress rite now..stress of what? Assgmnt, tons of assgmnt which is sooo frustrating because I cant focus on my personal life..My sister is getting married in a few days and Its hard for me to spend my whole day by her side and support her ...... my husband will be going abroad soon...I m struggling with poor health due to my add salt to the wound, someone told me that one of my friend is back stabbing me. What a life!

How am I going to handle these situation with a positive mind and a smile on my face? And since my dissapearance  in the field of blogging my total nuffnnang earning is only RM20 (okay..I exaggerate it. The earning never bother me actually. I dont give a damn on it. Im not rich but money is not my major reason to create this blog). 

Stresssss!! huh...Its not good for my 22 weeks pregnancy..Owhhh...I need to have some rest...lay on my king size mattress (do I have to say that?) ohhh....I need to keep sane....

*The spelling and grammatical error are everywhere...dont bother it. I didnt double check my post. I wanna read this again and make fun of myself after i get over all the obstacles..(Its just an excuse. Actually, my grammar is terrible...but..hey i really didn't do the grammar check).K.bye.

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