Friday, November 22, 2013


OMG! its been almost a year since I last posted something in my very dearly blog. Mengapakah....ku berubah.....mengapakah? Hewww...mungkin Im running out of idea? motivation? or maybe my life is so dull that I really have nothing interesting to write? owhh..dont blame the life, will me?! my life is great and fantastic...with 3 kids and stunning husband (i hope he didnt read this or he will brag about this...forever). So what happenend????? I think its about courage. 

My life is so stable and routine based that makes my brain less creative to think of something new..and now why all of sudden? i have brain started to work out with new thing a little bit after i enrolled in a new course in university. so....wait and gonna come up with something new and fresh...soon..yea soon bebeh...hmmm.. yea right...lame!
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