Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twilight Vs new Moon

Last thursday I watched New moon at 1 Borneo cinema. I am so excited to watch the sequel of twilight because twilight is my favourite movie off all time. I never watch movie twice except for twilight. First, i watched it with my husband and then I watched it again with my kids.  Why i like the movie? for thousands of reasons. The romantic screenplay, the handsome vampire, the unexpected scene, the cold weather, the beautiful scenery and many more. Can hardly tell you..How fanatic I am. I also bought the novel (New Moon) as a preparation for the next movie. Am I weird? Kind of..

Back to new moon movie...I sat on my chair in the cinema...listening to their dialogue..almost same with what was written on the book..It was adapted nicely...Edward cullen (Robert) came and do some romantic scene with Bella (Kirsten)...He left..Bella Suffered..then I saw my husband yawning...Then some of the audiences giggled for no reason... Then the story about Bella and the werewolf...exactly the same as in the book..then there were some kissing scene between Bella and Jacob where some guys in the cinema keep shouting " Hei...lalai betul!!" or "Berbiji2 oh.." they said referring to Jacobs muscle.  There was a kid shouting in the cinema "Pak, Sam ni siapa?"  he said asking his father. All of sudden the whole audiences kind of giggling...Then my 3 years old daughter asked her father too "Babah..bila belawan ni?" Then it came to Volturi castle...Bella saved her vampire boyfriend and he saved her afterwards. Last scene was Edward proposed her...Then the cinema lights turn on...we went out...

I feel nothing..empty..confused. Why? I dont know..maybe because I am so excited and I expected too much, or maybe because I've read the novel? No surprised elements for me for I already know the flow of the story. I am so surprised that I didn't quite entertained as what i felt when i watched twilight. Or maybe the actress (Kirsten)? She is really a great actress but in certain aspect. When it comes to facial expression, I dont see it on her face. For example when she was so suffered when Edward dumped her..I cannot see it on her face. She was kind of staring outside the window for month. that's all. Then when she almost fall in love with Jacob, her expression is just ordinary. When she knew that Jacob was a werewolf, her dialogue seemed that she was so shocked but her face not. Orubat kopioh!! (what a waste!!) Edward's acting quality was high up on the sky. His co star? I think Miley cyrus or vanessa Hudgens could do better or even Liyana Jasmay..

Maybe it was  the director..? It was directed by Chris Weitz. I define the movie as dull, slow and overall gloomy romantic.  I think I prefered to see the first movie twice instead. Sitting through this experience (watching New Moon) is like driving a pickup in low gear to KK.

Firing Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was a lousy idea, and so was getting Chris Weitz to take her place. I don’t know what tricks Hardwicke used to make Twilight play as well as it did, but I do know that Weitz isn’t nearly as good with this kind of material as she was. Though the battles between good and evil vampires and between vampires and wolves generate excitement, mostly Moon is a stilted, soapy supernatural romance. The Twilight Saga’s second installment may satisfy viewers but it was likely to be turned off by its slow pace, relentlessly downcast tone, and excessive length.

Then..I am yawning too..huaaaaaaahhhh......nyam..nyam..nyam...

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